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The Edge of a Dream

The Edge of a Dream

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'Edge of a Dream' embraces the classic yet evocative nature of analog photography. The grainy texture adds a layer of nostalgia and timelessness, drawing viewers into a contemplative space where the moment seems to linger, transcending the transient nature of existence.

This image immortalizes a singular moment in the dance between land, sea, and sky, unveiling the raw and emotional power of a solitary wave at the cusp of transformation. The wave captured at San Diego's Blacks Beach is seen at its most poignant juncture — a delicate balance between cresting and crashing, as if suspended in a perpetual state of becoming. 

As the title suggests, 'The Edge of a Dream' beckons the observer to the fringes of imagination. The wave embodies not only the powerful forces of nature but also the fragile boundaries between reality and the ethereal realm of dreams. This photograph is an invitation to stand on the precipice of reverie, to embrace the enigmatic beauty of the unknown, and to reflect upon the delicate balance between what we perceive and what lies beyond the edges of our consciousness."

Giclée Printing

Giclée printing is a digital printing technique which meets the highest requirements set for artists, galleries, and museums. Giclée prints are made with archival acid-free paper which gives outstanding durability, and ensures the print will not degrade over time.

Our prints are created on Hahnemüle Photorag 320 gsm paper, which gives high level detail and a matt finish.


All frames use 100% acid free materials and are FSC certified. All frames are made from solid wood from sustainable sources.

Returns and Exchanges

Each image is printed and framed just for you, in the size and frame of your choice. Thus, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges.

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